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    CCD Camera positioning cutting system

    CCD Camera positioning cutting system

    • CCD Camera positioning cutting system, Camera equipped with laser engraving cutting software TCLaser, can be cut is not easy to set position or location trademarks or graphics, high-speed CCD data acquisition, real-time positioning cutting accuracy to within 0.2MM, greatly reducing the generation rate of defects.
    • CCD Camera positioning cutting system
    Description Specifications
    ● With CCD positioning and cutting, it is possible to cut the trademark or pattern that is not easy to set or position, the accuracy is less than 0.2MM, which greatly reduces the rate of defective products
    ● It can cut the pattern of a large sub-surface, which can spell out the contour of a large pattern, which is convenient for drawing and cutting
    ● With multiple templates and multiple hybrid cutting functions, it can cut the printed or embroidered trademark pattern at one time, greatly increasing work efficiency
    ● Software operation is flexible and simple, with click image moving function and fast positioning of workpiece processing
    ● Supports graphic data formats such as AI, DXF, PLT, and DST (Tajima Embroidery Software)
    ● After the system loads the graphic data, it can perform layout editing operations (such as external expansion, curve linear transformation, rotation, node editing, chamfering, etc.)
    ● Support array processing, you can choose to cut the whole version before cutting, or you can choose to identify one side while processing
    ● Compatible with all-line laser cutting motion control card
    Product acessories:
    1.Laser cutting motion control card *1
    2.1.3 million USB/network camera * 1
    3.LED lighting *1
    4.Camera Stamping parts (sets) * 1

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