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    • TL404CA system can be used for metal and non-metal laser mix cutting machine.With autofocus function, it uses the PID control algorithm for height following control (Z axis), realizes the infinite speed control. Support adding smart guide line and link near function. Support low pressure drilling, pulse drilling, crash alarm, edge detection alarm.
    • TL-404CA
    • TL-404CA
    • TL-404CA
    Description Specifications
    ● Core power supply DC5V/3A, peripheral power supply DC5V/3A
    ● Control core uses 32 bit high-speed floating-point embedded DSP
    ● Equipped with 3.5-inch 320*240 LCD, it can display processing preview graphics and processing status
    ● Supports 5-axis motion control (XYZUV), axis range 0~4294m, accuracy ±0.001mm, pulse frequency up to 166KHz
    ● Laser control the output voltage 0~5V Adjustable, PWM output 0~100K adjustable from 0 to 100% duty cycle is adjustable
    ● 6 opto isolated outputs, TTL level, (drive current of 20mA or more, which OUT7, OUT8 external power supply)
    ● 11 opto-isolated inputs, TTL level
    ● Height following control system and laser cutting control system are integrated into one control card, it greatly reduces wiring difficulty and improves the installation simplicity, and greatly reduces the production cost
    ● With autofocus function, it uses the PID control algorithm for height following control (Z axis), realizes the infinite speed control, with good effect
    ● Supports USB2.0 interface, U disk U disk read and write files, and system upgrades
    ● Ethernet communications, and PC communication more convenient, safe and reliable
    ● 64MB onboard memory, you can run independently from the PC, user-friendly high-volume engraving / cutting production
    ● Enables high-speed four-axis control (X, Y, Z, U axis, wherein X, Y-axis motion control for the laser head, Z for following, U for the platform lift)
    ● Using S-type acceleration and deceleration and adjustable rate plan, start and stop cutting to meet the dual needs stable and high-speed machining
    ● Support adding smart cutting guide line function, according to internal and external relations of graphics automatically add cutting guide line
    ● Support adding near link points at any position, Prevent damage of graphics drop after cutting;
    ● Support pulse drilling and low pressure drilling control
    ● Support crash alarm,edge detection alarm, limit alarm
    ● Support lifting, cutting frame, foot switch, security, power-off resuming carving, system lock, equipment management, and other functions
    ● Can be customized in multiple languages and requirements
    ● Free delivery Windows-based control software AutoLaser (support PLT, BMP, DST, DSB, DXF formats)
    Product acessories:
    1.TL-404CA controller
    2.TL-404CA panel
    3.TL-404CA-SD adapter board
    4.Capacitive sensor (or non-metallic displacement sensor)
    6.Square port USB cable*1, PC extension cable*1, U disk extension cable*1, crossover cable*1, network extension cable*1, panel communication cable*1, adapter board cable*1
    7.Stamping parts (sets) *1

    Controller: 189.5mm*122.0mm
    Panel: 149.8mm*99.8mm (front), 127.0mm*90.0mm (rear)
    Adapter board: 73.0mm*82.0mm

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