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    • TL-B1S is a laser cutting and engraving motion control system that supports 3 heads/4 heads inter-shift, suitable for large cutting machines, suitable for large cutting machines.The product features rich, the interface appearance is new design, with better anti-interference ability, fast speed and high precision.
    • TL-B1S
    • TL-B1S
    Description Specifications
    ● Power supply of DC24V/2A
    ● 32-bit high-performance floating point embedded ARM+FPGA architecture, 128M Flash, 32M RAM, 12 general outputs, 20 general inputs, TTL electrical level
    ● Equipped with 4.3", 480×272 LCD
    ● 7-axis motor control can be realized, of which X (head 1), Y (beam), Z (head 2), V (head 3), W (head 4), U (feeding or platform lifting), A-axis standby; motor axis pulse frequency can be as high as 1MHZ
    ● Support 4 lasers’ control, TTL electrical level, adjustable output voltage of laser control: 0~5V, adjustable PWM output: 1K~100K, adjustable duty cycle: 0~100%
    ● Support USB2.0 interface, support computer USB communication, support U disk to read and write files;
    ● Support 100Mbps network transmission rate
    ● Support automatic blowing, automatic focusing, foot switch, cover protect, processing statistics, etc., in the run of equipment, the power-off cutting restoration ensures the flexible settings of large file processing
    ● Support the languages of Chinese (simplified), English, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Vietnamese and etc.
    Product acessories:
    1.TL-B1S controller
    2.TL-B1S panel
    3.Square port USB cable* 1, PC extension cable * 1, U disk extension cable * 1, crossover network cable * 1, network extension cable * 1, panel communication cable * 1
    4.Stamping parts (sets) * 1

    Controller: 182.0mm*147.4mm
    Panel: 182.0mm*120.0mmmm (front), 145.5mm*100.8mm (rear)
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