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    Panoramic camera (SCCD) laser control systems

    Panoramic camera (SCCD) laser control systems

    • The system for automatic identification of super wide cutting technology is a set of numerical control technology, large format CCD vision technology, and computer technology cutting system. It changes the traditional fully manual mode into efficient, accurate high-end computerized design of intelligent cutting mode. The system has the automatic feeding, large format picture by 360 ° no dead Angle smart camera, graphic automatic contour recognition, intelligent tracing, intelligent positioning cutting, and other functions, mainly used in digital printing, digital embroidery textile industry. Equipped with 18 million high-definition cameras, realize high precision imaging, with more accurate positioning.
    • Panoramic camera (SCCD) laser control systems
    Description Specifications
    ● Cutting accuracy: the frame accuracy of 1800*1000mm is 0.5mm, and the precision of the 1800*2200mm format is 2mm
    ● With 18 million of the ultra HD camera, shoot large format, high precision, can realize the whole instant processing materials to avoid stitching errors and image quality degradation, such as problems with the image
    ● Multi-template feature point location, supports real-time changes in the process, can identify a variety of graphic formats
    ● Supporting automatic tracing-edge cutting, continuous feed, identifies a version and cut a version, better address issues such as deformation, stretching and saving material
    ● Automatic recognition of contour, the found out objects contours can be directly displayed on the corresponding image for the cutting precision more intuitive
    ● Template deformation matching function: the template can also be deformed with deformation
    ● Template + automatic edge finding and cutting function
    ● Support intelligent and different lengths of cyclic feeding, realize automatic recognition processing of super-format loop
    ● Simple man-machine interface, easy to learn and understand
    Product acessories:
    1.Laser cutting motion control card *1
    2.Standard 18 million pixel Canon SLR digital camera *1

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