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    Industry news

    Application of Laser Marking Machine in Marking Industry

    2019-04-10 11:34:29
    Laser marking machine is suitable for marking and carving of metal and non-metal products. Among them, in the trademark industry, the application of nameplate industry has gradually shown its importance and advantages. The marking equipment has become mature and robust. The application of label banks has become simpler with the participation of laser equipment, and the products produced have become more beautiful and more in line with the needs of customers.
    Sample of nameplate laser marker
    Now the production companies and trade companies, more and more need the use of product certificates began to be recognized by everyone. Coronal laser is an expert in marking and application of metal and non-metal products. It has a very important impact in Guangdong area. Guanli Laser, in line with the attitude of being responsible to customers and ourselves, constantly strengthens and improves the quality and service of its products. Along with the development concept of diligence and self-reliance, we constantly explore new realms of products and services.